JCK Magazines Interviews Romey Louangvilay / by romey louangvilay

In the mercurial world of social media, where a new platform is anointed the hottest every year or so (Snapchat’s the reigning queen bee), it’s impressive how much user devotion 12-year-old Facebook inspires. In January, the site had 1.59 billion monthly active users. 

That’s great news for marketers: Facebook is still the most brand-friendly social channel—allowing marketers to post embedded links, host e-commerce pages, tailor the reach and breadth of advertising, and easily develop and manage business pages and listings. 

With the new update, JCK Magazine interviewed Curate Directive's Director of Digital Marketing, Romey Louangvilay, around his thoughts on what these updates mean for marketers. Romey is quoted stating, "the new emotional shadings allow marketers to more accurately gauge how users feel about things: “We can try to capture sentiments a little more accurately around content.”

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