Curate Directive Sounds Off on Budweiser Name Change / by romey louangvilay

Anheuser-Busch InBev - based in Belgium - said this week that it will replace the Budweiser logo on cans this summer with "America." PRWeek asked experts whether it is an act of patriotism or desperation, and Curate Directive's director of digital marketing sounds off on his thoughts on this marketing tactic.

"Budweiser, as a beer brand, has been synonymous with what many perceive as "all-American." It has had several American-themed cans in the past, and renaming its beer "America" is definitely a big, yet innovative, risk for the brand, as most iconic brands wouldn't touch their own name. The name change has definitely generated polarizing responses from consumers, which brand representatives must have predicted, since the change taps into the current political climate.

The name change captures those who love the brand and are proud to display their patriotism.  On that same note, consumers view the name change as corporate greed. You can already see the responses on Twitter. There are some fans supporting it while others are calling the brand out on what they see as a pure marketing stunt. However with all that said, Budweiser successfully has consumers, marketers, and general social media audiences talking about the brand, and this will most likely be a trending topic for awhile. Mission accomplished on generating buzz." - Romey Louangvilay

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