Luxury Daily Interviews Romey Louangvilay on Dior's New Campaign / by romey louangvilay

Luxury Daily provides a detailed analysis of French fashion house Christian Dior's newest campaign with anecdotes from our director of digital marketing, Romey Louangvilay. Luxury Daily shares that Dior is writing a new narrative for its Poison fragrance line in a bid for a younger demographic’s interest. 

Developed by Francois Demachy, Dior’s Poison Girl is a new addition to the fragrance range, offering a “sweet floral, scandalously delicious” scent for women with an “alluring and nonchalant femininity.” Using a sultry New York party as a backdrop, the Poison Girl campaign taps into social media culture while exploring the uninhabited femininity of today’s modern woman.

“The social media feed serves two purposes,” said Romey Louangvilay, chief curator and director of digital marketing at Curate Directive, New York. “The first one being that millennials are always connected, it gives them the option to share the video with their personal networks.

“The modern consumer always has a point of view and wants to voice it,” he said. “The video is designed to draw consumers in and engage with them, and the social feed is just another touchpoint for that.

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