ADWEEK Interviews Kristin Wardian on Augmented Reality / by romey louangvilay

If you've dined in one of the 5,000 or so Thai restaurants in the U.S. (and bothered to check its beverage selection), you may have noticed a beer called Chang. Brewed in Thailand, Chang (actually pronounced "chong") is Thai for elephant. And much like an elephant, Chang beer is moving with a slow and steady determination. After a decade of building a limited U.S. presence, the brand is ready to go national.

To that end, Chang is launching an augmented-reality feature next month that will let drinkers scan a Chang logo or bottle to be transported to a new digital hub populated by video games, song lists and other "branded experiences," including a chance to become the brand's first "digital ambassador." Chang also plans to broaden its involvement with Muay Thai, Thailand's unapologetically rough brand of mixed martial arts, by sponsoring fights in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas in conjunction with Friday Night Fights

Kristin Wardian, a digital content strategist at Curate Directive has been retained for these efforts, explained that after gaining a following among Thai Americans, the beer brand "is looking to target more millennial consumers, a younger segment who are into digital and mobile and are more apt to explore different cultures."

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