Branding & Positioning

Brands are always in a hurry to make noise. Curate Directive advises clients on all aspects of brand positioning and communications strategy that is rooted in analytical data and previous insight.  Our team is able to guide brands into market entry into the US market and to uncover the following: 

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. How to position your brand to audiences?
  3. What content to create for specific audiences?
  4. What is the preferred storytelling medium?
  5. How much of the brand should be infused in the content?
  6. How do we distribute and amplify the content's reach


Digital & Social Strategy

The team develops digital communications strategies for clients that leverage established and emerging social media platforms.  It's one thing to make pretty photos and inspiring captions for Facebook, Twitter, or even your website, but we work to find ways to create content that will be seen, shared, and lead to sales. We work with you to offer the following:

  • Planning & Strategy
  • Digital Campaigns
    • PPC Campaigns
    • Doubleclick Campaign Management
    • Behavioral and Consumer Engagement Targeting & Distribution of Content
  • Social Media Community Management
  • Content Development & Creation
  • Social Listening & Monitoring
  • Studio Work 

PR & Media Relations

Strong media relationships and securing placements are crucial, but what if those stories aren't read or shared? Whether it's a brand launch or an expansive year long campaign, our team helps you with:

  • Press Materials and Creative Assets Development
  • Media & Blogger Outreach
  • Alignment Strategy with Marketing Departments (Traditional, Social, etc.)
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Press Previews & Events
  • Editor Desk Sides
  • Media Training
  • Sample Trafficking
  • Measurement Beyond Impressions

Influencer Marketing

Almost every agency will tout influencer marketing campaigns, and honestly, we will, too.  We collaborate with influencers in order to seamlessly integrate your brand into their "social" lives.

It's one thing to have a vibrant community on your owned spaces, but we like to make sure that consumers talk about you on their channels as well. We track through engagement levels and traffic leads to your brand's website. Example campaigns we can manage includes:

  • Influencer Trips
  • Social Consumer Engagement Targeting
  • Storytelling with product sales
  • Day in the Life of
  • Social Media Takeovers