Branding & Positioning

Brands are always in a hurry to make noise. Curate Directive advises clients on all aspects of brand positioning and communications strategy that is rooted in analytical data and previous insight. This strong foundation guides the team's thinking by uncovering:

  1. How to position your brand to audiences?
  2. What content to create for specific audiences?
  3. How do we distribute and amplify the content's reach?





The team develops digital communications strategies for clients that leverage established and emerging social media platforms.  It's one thing to make pretty photos and inspiring captions for Facebook, Twitter, or even your website, but we work to find ways to create content that will be seen, shared, and lead to sales. We work with you to offer the following:

  • Planning & Strategy
    • Audit your digital footprint (includes auditing your online shopping cart abandonment)
    • Social Listening Reports
    • Alignment with PR and marketing strategy
    • eCommerce marketing and strategy
  • Content Development
    • Photography for social channels
    • Video for social channels
  • Digital Distribution & Engagement
    • Paid search (Google/Yahoo, Retargeting, Social advertising, etc.)
    • Affiliate Marketing Programs
    • Social media community management

PR & Media Relations

Strong media relationships and securing placements are crucial, but what if those stories aren't read or shared? With strong relationships with news and bloggers within fashion & retail and travel & hospitality, the team advices clients on all aspects of content development and distribution. From the press materials and creative assets needed to create engagement to carefully selecting a list of media to publish the story, our approach to pubic relations ensures that the story gets more than just "impressions," and instead, is Tweeted, Shared via Facebook, Pinned, etc. several times.  Our team works closely with clients to offer:

  • PR Strategy for launches and ongoing management
  • Press material development
  • Media relations and media monitoring

Influencer Marketing

Almost every agency will tout influencer marketing campaigns, and honestly, we will, too. The difference is we focus on collaborating with influencers who have an authentic connection to your brand so discussions about you and your campaign don't immediately end shortly after the campaign's life cycle. We collaborate with influencers in order to seamlessly integrate your brand into their "social" lives.

It's one thing to have a vibrant community on your owned spaces, but we like to make sure that consumers talk about you on their channels as well:

  • Influencer audit report (their effectiveness on traffic and sales)
  • 360 degree plans that integrate products into influencers' social lives and your brand strategy
  • Parameters and guidelines on content development
  • Tracking and measurement on content and engagement